Agenda 3-24 – Elevator Pitch, Progress Outline, and Annotated Bibliography

Elevator Pitch:

Hello, my name is Claudia Nguyen, I am a senior at Rutgers University majoring in Information Technology and Informatics, with a minor in Digital Communication and Information Media. I am interested in pursuing a career in computer networking, and have been working to gear my skillset and knowledge towards this goal. I currently work as an IT intern at the National Hemophilia Foundation, where I work directly under the IT manager to help users with their computers, and tackle networking issues as they occur. To supplement this experience, I am also currently the process of studying for the CCNA, a computer networking certification designed by Cisco. I am very dedicated to this path, and have been doing all of this on top of balancing school as well as a job working at Rutgers’ computer lab. Most of my technical skills have been self-taught, and I am constantly seeking experiences that will allow me to grow both mentally and technically. I am looking for any and all opportunities to apply the knowledge that I have learned in my courses in a hands-on manner, and am open to exploring any fields within the technical industry. I am results-driven and ambitious, and am a leader among my peers as an executive board member of Rutgers’ Women in ITI as well.

Progress Outline:

Intro: I believe that most people in my demographic will be able to understand and relate to the issue that is currently pervading us of quick and fleeting entertainment. We rely heavily on our smartphones are our way of staying in tune with the world, and fit in this time during small breaks and lulls in our lives. The limit in time allowed or dedicated to participating in this blogosphere has resulted in users looking into ways to gain the most out of a short period of time. Thus, results in the growth and micro-blogging boom.

Literature Review: This topic is something that has only grown within the last few years, and some of the best literature or information that I have found on it have been from other traditional blogs that are reflecting on their personal experiences with micro-blogging. A common topic that bloggers, especially Lifestyle & Fashion bloggers, have been dealing with is the idea that Instagram is running their traditional blog “out of business”. Alyssa Vingan goes into depth into how the world of advertising seeks out trends and follows patterns that will lead to their success, and Instagram has been proven to be their next great platform. This shift in interest for advertisers has negatively affected traditional bloggers, who rely heavily on advertisers to maintain their blog.

Vingan, A. (2014, Jun 13). Is Instagram Killing Personal Style Blogs? Fashionista. Retrieved from

Research Question argument: Instagram is a great advertising platform than a traditional blog. This is the case because influential users on Instagram are able to reach more users than influential traditional blog users. The key in being successful in advertising is to be able to present the product or idea to a greater number of people, and Instagram is able to do exactly that.

Data Collection and Data Analysis


In terms of revenue, Instagram continues to show incredibly positive growth, and is projected to keep growing from there. For Chiara, her incredible success and popularity on Instagram has give her the greatest global reach of any fashion blogger in the world. In the world of Instagram where pictures are the consumed media of choice, there is hardly a language barrier. Whereas Chiara’s popularity with her blog lay only within certain parts of Europe and America, her Instagram is attracting fans and followers from every corner of the world.

Findings: There are a multitude of reasons why traditional bloggers are making the switch to micro-blogging, but ultimately their greatest motivation is to follow the path where they will be able to gain a greater influence in the online world.

Data Presentation: I intend on presenting this information in the form of a research paper.

Annotated Bibliography

Young, M. L. (2006) “Blogging: An Introductory Look at an Old Pastime in a New Medium”,
Library Hi Tech News, Vol. 23 Iss: 8, pp.27 – 28

This article covers all of the basics needed to understand the history behind the blog, and gives a look on why its a popular platform to share both professional and personal material. While the shift has changed from traditional blogging to micro-blogging, the concepts and findings from this paper are still relevant to understanding why blogging is revolutionizing the way this generation interacts and shares ideas.


Novakova, P. (2014)To be seen or not to be: Narcissistic tendencies among bloggers. Retrieved from

They study the most popular bloggers on microblogging platforms such as Instagram, and look in how they present themselves to the public. They were able to find that the growing trend of visualized style of communication seems to be vital in the blogger being able to play the role that they want to play. There is no denying that narcissism plays a big role in a blogger’s life and their success, and in the microblogging platform, this narcissism comes out much stronger than on traditional platforms. Whereas traditional platforms had bloggers posting a few times a week/month, microblogging platforms almost require them to present themselves online as often as they can in as many interesting ways as they can. They have to believe that they are putting out content that their audience wants to see, and often this content is simply just of them going about their normal lives.

Java, A. (2007). Why we twitter: Understanding microblogging usage and communities.
WebKDD/SNA-KDD ’07, 9(16), 56-65.

They were able to perform this research by going directly onto Twitter and following users and their actions in terms of their topological and geographical properties. Studies on the kinds of postings that were made by a large pool of users were also used. They were able to conclude that people on Twitter are constantly using it in order to seek or share information.

Topic Relevancy: In order for me to understand why the move to microblogging was necessary, I have to understand how microblogging became so big and was able to overtake traditional platforms. We are able to see our society’s transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, where interactivity and user-generated content begin to emerge. As technology begins to take over more parts of our lives, we have to find a way to fit ourselves into this wave so that we don’t get overwhelmed.


Durmaz, L. (2014, Jun 20) The Role of Social Media in the Fashion Industry: How Fashion
Blogging Encourages Two-Way Symmetrical Communication. Cal Poly Journalism.
Retrieved from

One of the great benefits that I want to elaborate on the growth of micro-blogging is the availablility of two-way communication between the readers the bloggers. In an industry such as the fashion industry, where there are certain exclusivities that exist, micro-blogging platforms are breaking these down and welcoming in more viewers to be part of that world. This paper covers that issue, with a focus centered on the fashion industry and the effects that these social media platforms have had. The paper gave me a great look into the competitive fashion industry, and why it’s so important that social media become a part of it. I am able to gain a greater understanding of Chiara’s impact in both worlds and platforms, and why having a two-way symmetrical approach is beneficial. In this sense, both the readers and the bloggers benefit from each other, and they are able to further their individual growth with these platforms. The study was well done, and covered many platforms within fashion blogging, with no bias to emphasize the benefit or harm that these forms are causing. I will be using this paper heavily, as it covers many points on how advertising plays a role in this shift, which will give me another approach to explaining the rise in micro-blogging’s popularity and influence.

Lindblad, J. (2013) Fashion Blogs and Advertising. Näytä kaikki kuvailutiedot. Retrieved from

This paper takes both an analytical and ethical approach to advertisement in blogs. The writer analyzes trends and consumer behavior that is found in social media engagers, as well as the ethical issues that lie behind various usages of these advertising and marketing tools. A case study that was done in this paper also involved Chiara Ferragni. Through the opportunities that Instagram has given her by exposing her to over 12,000,000 impressions a month, she is now worth over $50,000 for public appearances. This author utilizes a lot of data to demonstrate trends, which I will be utilizing to demonstrate my points.

Rosman, K. (2014, October 15). Your Instagram Picture, Worth a Thousand Ads. Retrieved from

Another article that studies the growth in advertising trends on the Instagram platform. I gained a lot of information on how Instagram users are able to market themselves in order to gain these advertisers, and the reason why there is such a great need for this new kind of advertising platform. Advertisers are able to pinpoint their exact demographic to show their products to, all while using celebrity influences to push the sale and desirability of a products. For example, a famous Instagram nightlife influencer has received advertisements deals with Champagne company Dom Perignon worth $15,000, to hold up a bottle of the product in a few photos. The desirable lifestyle of this nightlife influencer will lead many of their follower who wish to emulate this lifestyle to choose a product like Dom Perginon because it is recommended by the person that they admire. These kinds of advertisements are also easily disguised as simple picture posts, so the viewers also don’t feel the pressure to partake in the product.


Thompson, C. (2013, Sept 13)The dumbest generation? No, Twitter is making kids smarter.  Retrieved from

In studying the effects that this shift to microblogging has had on our current society, I found this article to be incredibly useful. Children are growing up in this technical environment, and are learning to adapt to these technologies incredibly fast. It’s often a concern that partaking in so much online activities could be harmful for the child. This article analyzes the positive results that have come from a generation that is so rooted in digital culture. One of the greatest ways in which children have been affected, is the fact that they have the opportunity to express their ideas anywhere. They can blog, micro-blog, and get their word out into the world, regardless of how many people actually read their words. Having this opportunity to express their ideas in a way that gives them value is incredibly appealing for a growing child, who often feel sheltered simply because of their age. Children are more engaging and expressive of their ideas than ever. This paper is slightly bias to the online gaming community and how that has positively helped the children as well in terms of their interactions with other people, but they bring up many great points about the benefit of this exposure to children.


Hu, E. (2012)  How Blogging And Twitter Are Making Us Smarter. Retrieved from

I also took an approach to understanding how the older generation is growing and benefiting from having these platforms to use. Whereas before when writing was generally a chore for people in terms of school assignments, they are now given opportunities to engage writing things that matter and are of importance to them. Another benefit that these online blogs have had, is the fact that people have developed an awareness of their audience and the people that read them. In order to attract the readers they want, they hone their abilities to be clearer, smarter, and generally better writers. This quote in specific explained the concept well:

“Social scientists have identified something called the audience effect — the shift in our performance when we know people are watching. It isn’t always positive. In live, face-to-face situations, like sports or concerts, the audience effect can make athletes or musicians perform better — but it can sometimes psych them out and make them choke, too.

“Yet studies have found that the effort of communicating to someone else forces you to pay more attention and learn more.”

Engaging in these platforms can be greatly beneficial, so in terms of my research, the influencers in the blogosphere have the power to influence users into joining these platforms, which in turns brings them to experience the many benefits of writing on a blog.


Gawley, C. (2013, Dec 18) How Microblogging Can Solve Content Creation Gridlock – Retrieved from

I have been unconsciously referring to microblogging as a lesser form of original blogging, without much attention to the aspects of microblogging that make it special. This article outlines the many factors that make microblogging stand out, and why it is a strong platform on its own. The quick and concise nature of microblogging allows for quick commentary, which opens up the opportunity for an exchange of ideas. A person is able to share many of their various ideas, and is able to find or reach out to people who either share those ideals or don’t. The factor of time is not an issue in this manner, so it opens the door to many new ideas and concepts being shared without time acting as a limiting issue. I am studying how microblogging has grown so much in the past years, and viewing these blog forms as legitimately new ways of sharing ideas, not just an endless photo stream, gives me a greater and less biased view on the concept.


Chiappini, M. (2013) A Sorta Fairytale: Is Instagram replacing blogging? Retrieved from

The main phenomenon that I am studying is the shift from the traditional blogging platform into the microblogging one, and this post gives a great overview of what it feels like to feel the pressure to follow these trends in blogging. This post is also a great example of the open communication in these platforms, as there are a lot of comments from viewers as they share their opinion on the manner as well. The author explains the difference in community between the two, in which Instagram gives viewers a window into a person’s life, as they follow little points from their everyday activity. A blog on the other hand, is more of an invitation into a person’s home. There is a deliberate action made to go on a blog, so the users are seeking this content more so than they are when the content appears on their newsfeeds.


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