Project Proposal

Research Question/ Argument:

I want my capstone project to focus on the effects social media and the Internet have on women concerning health, beauty and specifically body image. I want to research and compare the new and old views of these areas and what specifically affected those image (ex: billboards, celebrities, the Internet ect.). Lastly I want to see the real effects it is causing on women, specifically the younger generations and what can be done to educate people about it.

I think this topic is relevant to everyone in this digital world today and I think figuring out what triggers and develops these images is what is really going to get my answer. I love the health and beauty world online but I have noticed a trend in the people who are popular and the reasons for that. I also continually see the push for weight loss, makeup and exercise on articles online targeted at women. It is of course not a bad thing to worry about any of those things but the constant push is starting to create a dimorphic body image that people now consider to be the norm.

Data & Collection: I think by continuing to find scholarly articles and personal statements from women online I can create a more focused thesis. However I will also conduct other information to analyze my argument which will include interviews and anonymous survey’s. I specify it being anonymous because I feel especially dealing personal issues such as body image and beauty people would be more open to share knowing their name was not attached to their answers. Therefore I would be able to get an authentic view in different spectrums.

Project Presentation Details: After collecting all my information and data I think I want to write a paper. I think the information and hopefully from interviews of people of different ages I will have a lot of good quotes to help support my thesis. I do not know how important visuals may be when trying to add to my argument but I will see as I collect more data.

2 Questions:

  • Do you feel there is another element I can explore in my argument, specifically with conducting data that will bring my information to the next level?
  • Which social media site do you feel affects this area of body image the most? (Ex: Instagram being able to edit photos = fake body images)

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