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Hi everyone my name is Nikki Piazza, I am 22 years old and a senior graduating this may from Rutgers University. I studied my past four years studying Journalism and Media as my major and Digital Communication, Information, and Media as my minor. I am from North Jersey and have always had an interest in the digital media and journalism field. Throughout high school I was a member of my TV Production program and club for all four years. Once a month we would produce a full hour length show covering anything from school to worldwide news, live performances and interviews. There I discovered my passion for journalism, reporting and specifically producing content. Learning about the amazing program I could potentially be apart of at Rutgers and the diverse culture I knew I had to come.

Since I have been at Rutgers I have also been able to fulfill my other passion of dancing by being apart of the Rutgers Performing Dance Company for 1 year and Rutgers University Dance Team for the next 3 years. I have been able to dance at every home game, compete in Florida for dance nationals, travel to other schools and volunteer my time with different organizations. Dancing is a hobby I have always had apart of my life and hope to continue after college as well.

I have been lucky enough to have multiple internships in the past couple of years that have allowed me to find my niche that I hope to be apart of in the corporate world. I have worked at CBS radio on a teen radio station that is now apart of and on 95.5 WPLJ. There I was able to get experience on air and interviewing experience, editing, and be able to create material for their social media sites. I have also worked with a public relations company on producing, running and promoting a children’s fashion show. On the other hand though, I have worked in a more corporate atmosphere with a communications company. I am so grateful for these experiences, whether I loved what I was doing or disliked it I was able to figure out what I hope to do with my own career. Between my love of being active and digital media I want to go into digital marketing and media or even be apart of a public relations company representing an athletic or dance focused company.

With my capstone project I hope to continue with the active theme I am interested in and focus more on women’s heath and fitness for my blog. I have done projects in the past with this topic and think this project will allow me to discover findings in this topic I was not aware of before. I do not know exactly which area in women’s health and fitness I want to focus on yet.


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