Next assignment due, Paper Draft and Website Final to the dropbox

Capstone Paper Draft

Due 4/14 by midnight to the dropbox, you will turn in a draft of the early stages of your final Capstone Paper. Also include the link to your final website.

Generally, this means the beginning of the paper: The introduction (1-2 paragraphs, including your paper’s thesis and main argument), and the background/literature review (this would be translating your annotated bibliography into narrative form – explain the problem, context, and existing work – in other words, show your expertise). Then, outline the rest of the paper. The outline does not need to be annotated or filled out (though it can if you have questions or the process will help you) – I mostly need it for structure & organization.

This is not a hard and fast format. If it is more productive for you to write out a different part of your paper, that is fine; you would outline the parts before and after, and write out the section you are working on. You might also do your literature review as embedded into the paper, so what you draft now is part lit review, part application. However works for your paper, you should plan to have about 3-5 pages written out to submit, and the rest in outline form, so that the organization/argument construction is clear.

You should also include a title.

The purpose of the draft is to help you organize your thoughts and your material in advance of finishing the final product. You will not be graded on it separately, but will instead receive extensive feedback to help you polish the final paper. If you prefer to submit a more complete draft, if you want to write an abstract or summary – include these, and you will get feedback on them as well.

Submit your draft to the dropbox

Website should include the following:

The second major project of the semester is a personal website, a place to collect your work through the DCIM minor (and elsewhere) and show you off to prospective employers, graduate schools, family, friends, and anyone else you want to impress or make jealous. Your website is meant to serve as a “career” promotion, and demonstrate your skills, capabilities, and connect to your goals. It will include several elements compiled throughout the semester, some of which can be modified for your purposes. These include:

  1. “about me” (or other, related) video
  2. personal introduction/philosophy/statement
  3. CV/resume, with education and work history
  4. information on awards, certificates, or outside credentials you have earned
  5. reflective comments (perhaps a statement on your goals)
  6. relevant courses or key assignments (including previous DCIM work – this is a great spot to upload projects from previous classes that might interest an employer or graduate school)
  7. interests, volunteer work, relevant extracurriculars, professional development, or conferences
  8. visuals, representations of you and your goals
  9. your Capstone Project

Include the link to your website with your draft document when you post it to the dropbox


About Jacob Sanchez

PhD student in Library and Information Science at Rutgers University. Visiting Instructor at Trinity University. @jacobsanchez

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