Agenda 3-5

This blog post is due next Tuesday by midnight.

First feedback from this week.  I left individual feedback on each post.  If I left a note about a point I want to bring up remind me next week when I float around for meetings.  Thanks to all of you who posted your map of your data and some analysis.

Make sure you include data for each point this week, not just a selection or sample.  Don’t worry about writing out or arguing as much as just making sure you cut and paste or chop up your data and organize it around your research questions.  Make sure to define the concepts in your research questions, define the codes and claims as well.  Use your examples to support these definitions.

For this week what I want you to do is to incorporate your map, your data and your research questions and organize your data in the following way.  Mainly this is a visual exercise to see what your data looks like in groupings that address your research questions.  We will go over these new groupings next week.  Sorry I wasn’t able to give your more detailed feedback since we didn’t have class today.  Bring your questions for next week and I’ll be able to address them face to face.

Your blog assignment for next Tuesday:

Research Question  (Make one of these for each research question)

Define: Definitions of what you mean by each point on your map, if you labeled a section of your map (Interactions) what interactions do you mean, define each concept you might use to answer this research question, just a sentence or two.

Claim (Answer to your question)

Sub claim 1, these are the bullet points in your map for most of you

Example of what data supports this claim

Sub claim 2

Example of what data supports this claim

Sub claim 3

Example of what data supports this claim

For example if your map claims that bloggers do x,y,and z your outline will say

What do bloggers do (interactions)?

By interactions I mean the content of their posts, their comments on twitter, their interactions in the comments on their blog, etc.

They do x,y, & z.

The do x.

Tweets, articles, images, or data of them doing x.

Repeated for each sub claim and for all your research questions.

Make sure these actually go under x, you might need to revise what x,y,and z are.  Feel free to make any changes to your claims as well as your map if you find that more data supports different claims or what you thought would be a claim has no data or poor data.

If you’re using a lot of images you might want to save as pdf to keep your formatting.  You don’t need to write and expand and argue your points yet.  This is just an organizational exercise.  Make sure you have data that supports each point or claim you want to make.  No word maximum, it should be roughly about double what your post was last week.


About Jacob Sanchez

PhD student in Library and Information Science at Rutgers University. Visiting Instructor at Trinity University. @jacobsanchez

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