How has the computer become a medium for artists and designers?

I have changed my research question because I found an article that inspired to write about something else. Also my topic before was too broad and I feel that this is more specific.

As a graphic design student living in a digital I am interested in researching digital arts. In the book “Windows and Mirrors: Interaction Design, Digital Art, and the Myth of Transparency,” Jay David Bolter says, “They say that a computer does not feel like a toaster or a vacuum cleaner; it feels like a medium that is now taking its place beside other media like printing, film, radio, and television.” This quote stood out to me and made me start to think more about how artists and designers are being affected by digital technologies.

The computer is often thought of as a tool but what Bolter is saying is that its become a medium not just a tool. Something I am interested in about digital art is the element of surprise. When working with software programs that involve long lengths of confusing number and code, just by copy and pasting or cutting out a piece of information can change an image completely. The one particular form of digital art that I think defines the computer as an artist’s medium the most is Glitch art. Glitch art is an evolving style where artists are changing the html code of images creating weird distortions that are abstract and beautiful. Glitch art is also an example of art that has an element of surprise. But why are artists interested in this. The display of art digitally is also an example of using the computer as a medium.

1. Windows and Mirrors: Interaction Design, Digital Art, and the Myth of Transparency

By: Jay David Bolter

So my first piece of data came from Jay David Bolter who talks about the computer as a medium for designers. I will further read his book and find more answers to this idea with other examples such as glitch art and other software inspiration. This theory of the computer as a medium is very interesting to me and I think there is a lot to be said about how the digital age has affected artist. The computer can be used for more than just photo edited. Artists can hand draw and paint things digitally too and some artists use the computer on purpose to create a digital effect.


2. New Media Art

By: Mark Tribe and Reena Jana

This source of data gave me a more historical background of digital art and art in the age of digital distribution. I was interested in the discussion about new media as a movement and software design. Other interesting examples were software designs that resemble the medium of sculpture.

3. Glitch studies Manifesto

By: Rosa Menkman

This is an article that studies Glitch art and explains what glitch art is. I think this data will give me a good example for the computer as medium for artists. Glitch art is something that recently has become popular. It’s something strange but still beautiful. Glitches are usually seen as a flaw but artists have become inspired by the visual appearance of glitches and are creating it on purpose.

4. My own personal experience learning how to use digital software:

Even my own experiences can compare to the benefits of digital art. A personal example is being able to draw something with a tablet into the computer instead of having to hand draw something on paper. Being able to draw digitally allows me to undo mistakes I don’t like and allows me to create new art with tools to change the colors and crop pieces in and out. I also like to draw something first and then use the computer to make it better or finish the project.  I use the computer as my medium very often and I didn’t even realize it.


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