Preliminary Data Collection Summary – Brandon Rodriguez

The data collection process for my topic is going to be approached a little differently than most.  Since I am trying to measure the effectiveness of various “digital campaigns” it is hard to find metrics to prove what works and what doesn’t.  This led me down a pretty interesting thought process on how to best measure this “effectiveness”.  What I want to do is to create my own rubric or measurement system based on research, numbers and findings that I gather in four distinct areas.  These four areas are all things that I have seen in the past that have an impact on peoples success in the digital space.  They are

  1. User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI)
  2. Social Media Efforts
  3. Content/SEO Rating
  4. Application/Mobile

This is where the hard part comes in.  While I have narrowed it down these four things, who am I to say that this is what make a successful digital campaign? While I have had some experience in the industry, I am no where nearly as knowledgeable as some of those who have spent years upon years in the space.  I currently have asked for some advice from former supervisors and co-workers to see if this would suffice, but I unfortunately have not heard back from any of them yet.  For now I plan to leave it as is, but if someone suggests changing, adding or removing something, I think it would best to at least look into it.


1) User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI)

This is the one that I think will be the hardest to measure.  Everyone has their own taste and preference on how things are done, especially in regards to technology and the digital world.  You are constantly hearing people argue over things like “Who has the better interface?  Apple or Microsoft?”  or things like I prefer the iPhone over the Samsung simply because of the design.  For the “rubric” that I want to create I have narrowed it down (after some research) to some of the best User Experience/User Design practices.  Just for the sake of not having this report run too long you can find out what I learned about the best UX and UI practices here

2) Social Media Efforts

Measuring social media efforts, while challenging, is much easier to go about doing.  Using various tools like the free Facebook analyzation tool can help me determine social media efforts from a quantitative standpoint. In addition to this I have also done some research in regards to things like daily posting and content on social media.  I found a good resource to help develop this part of the rubric here

3) Content and SEO Rating

Quality content is often overlooked in the grand scheme of digital strategy campaigns.  It is often the number one thing that Google takes into consideration when determining page ranks.  Good, original quality content can cause certain site to stand out over others.  In addition to thinks like backlinking –  I will use the SEO ranks and content to form a verdict on the content quality of the brands.  Looking back at it now, I think that this category might be the most important of the four when it comes to determining who has the best overall digital campaign. You can read more about the importance of content here 

4) Applications/Mobile Usage

With the direction that technology is heading in these days it is very important to encompass and application or a mobile responsive design in order to ensure users can access you from all platforms.  While all different campaigns take a different approach, there are some things that are standard regardless.  What platform they are offered on, features, layout and more.  I think however a little more research needs to be done on this subject.  I have reached out to some people in the field to see what their take is on the important parts of a mobile experience but have yet to hear back.  While I am waiting though I found some useful information on the importance of mobile implementation and what to look for here (second link)


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