Data Collection:

I am doing my research project on Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and I am looking to see if these are effective in communicating with employees and are the more productive overall. In my search for data I can across an interesting blog that compares and contrasts the differences between HRMS and HRIS. Often these two systems are found in on software, rather than two.

HRMS: Keeps track of employee data (sick and vacation days accrued and taken), employee performance, and personnel management. Stores data that can track performances.

  • Benefits: Tracks data for you, allows more time to do other tasks.

HRIS: Keeps track of static information (Address, social security number, tax status, benefits, payroll, department the staff member works in).

  • Benefits: Less time keeping track of records and more time to do administrative duties (planning and leadership). Allows better translation of data.

In another blog I found benefits of using HRIS in HR Management. The five main areas are (1) Database management, (2) Time and Labor Management, (3) Payroll, (4) Benefits, (5) Employee interface.

HRIS offers:

  1. Payroll
  2. Time and attendances
  3. Performance appraisal
  4. Benefits Administration
  5. HR management
  6. Recruiting/ Learning Management
  7. Performance record keeping
  8. Employee self service
  9. Scheduling
  10. Absence management
  11. Analytics

In this article ( the author talks about how HRIS Managers need to be technical but also need to better communicate with their employees. I found this interesting because the benefits of having HRIS software are to have more time to manage and lead your employees.

Overall, it was difficult to find qualitative data on the Internet about employees talking about HRIS. I searched on Twitter, LinkedIn, and wordpress. The articles I did find were links from Twitter. I tried accessing the trade publication chat room but I need a membership, which I may do eventually. Until then I think that my best bet is to keep searching. I think that I will be able to provide better data after interview a few people that work in the field or work with HRIS systems.


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