My topic is on the new forms of marketing that has developed in the digital age specifically through Twitter and Instagram. Because of the mass outreach and the easy use of programs like Twitter and Instagram, many companies have taken advantage of the simple accessibility to their consumers. However, I want to approach this topic from both the corporation and the consumer point of view; I would also want to learn why the people willingly follow accounts that they know are only going t try to promote and sell their product. Consumerism is now so ingrained into our culture and day-to-day lives, that we willingly make ourselves susceptible by choosing to follow such accounts. Another topic I want to explore is how these corporations veil their motives to promote and sell, by creating the funny and amusing personas, that add character and personality to their companies.

One of the original examples that I gave was the Taco Bell Twitter account. The account has 1.51 million followers and it has tweeted over 42,300 times. However, Taco Bell uses their Twitter in a way that encourages dialogue with their followers, rather than only tweeting with the intention of selling. A lot of their feed are re-tweets from their followers, or they are replies to their followers. I think that Taco Bell is one of the companies that uses social media in a creative and effective way. It makes its presence be known, but it is also light hearted enough that it can use Twitter to create a bond with their consumers.

While Twitter is one form of social media that interacts with its followers, Instagram is one that markets effectively by posting visual appealing photos to market their brand. This is why I believe that most companies that use Instagram are in the retail business. An article I found by Business Insider is a piece titled, “These 20 Brands Have Mastered the Use of Instagram”. Going through the list, it was in fact a majority of fashion and retail brands such as: Bonobos, Warby Parker, Macy’s, Target Style, Adidas, Free People, Burberry. While these brands were listed the “most effective at using Instagram” because of their interactivity with followers, constant reposts, perpetuating the companies image through pictures, and including relatable posts of cups of coffee and lunch. But even with all those traits, the highest follower count among them is Burberry, which has 2.7 million followers. I then looked for other fashion and retail sites that would appeal the type of customers that would follow any of the brands listed. The best match with the highest number of followers was Forever 21. Forever 21 has over 5.8 million followers, and even though it is a well known brand, it is not as popular or as praised as a brand like Burberry. Also, Forever 21 in comparison to similar to store accounts like H&M has almost double the followers. So if the list of Instagram accounts mentioned before work so hard to strategically gain followers and fans, how does Forever 21 do it so easily when it makes none of the same efforts. This is a question that I would like to look more into. And as a reference about the effectiveness of social media I want to ask a fiend of mine that started a party favor brand on Etsy, who mentioned to be that social media presence is relevant if you don’t want to be forgotten. She also said that because of Instagram, her brand was featured on magazines, some prominent ones like Glamour. She updates her account almost daily with pictures, and has them piled up before hand and she posts them when she feels the time is right. I think that she will be able to talk about the contribution that Instagram has not only the creating the aesthetic of a brand, but also how it can grow quicker because of it.


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