Agenda 2-19

For this next week by Tuesday at midnight you blog assignment will be to post a selection of your data to our wordpress.

1.  The length of data is approximately 600 words which is 2 pages double spaced.  If you’re looking at images or videos or a single instagram or twitter account use a 2 page sample of what you would be able to copy and paste into 2 pages.  Or if you have a selection of an interview, or a selection of text or quantitative data from your site, post 2 pages of it to our blog.

2.  Next week we will start going over data in small groups, either print it out or have it available via your phone or laptop to share and get feedback with each other.  Let me know if you have a project where the data is not text, images, videos, interviews, or stats and we can work out what you will present.


About Jacob Sanchez

PhD student in Library and Information Science at Rutgers University. Visiting Instructor at Trinity University. @jacobsanchez

One thought on “Agenda 2-19

  1. Hello Professor, I am in Washington, D.C. for a conference and will not be in class. I would still like to participate in looking at my colleagues’ data and providing feedback and I can do so on their posts. Best, Mariyah Wojcik


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