Research Proposal

As a graphic design major my main interest for this capstone project is researching about visual communication. I believe that graphics, being a visual communication, makes information easier to comprehend and understand. What I am more specifically interested in learning about is how visual communication affects a digital experience. Knowing that digital experiences practically rely on visual literacy I think it will be interesting to explore articles about what exactly is visual communication is doing for us. Is it inspiring, convincing, manipulative, positive or negative? Is manipulation necessarily bad? How does the Internet effect visual manipulation? I know that this might be a broad topic so I am still looking at how to narrow my topic even more.


Research Question (s):

  1. How does visual communication affect our digital experience?
  1. Knowing that digital experiences rely on visual literacy, how does visual communication affect our digital experience?
  1. How is visual communication changing in the digital age?

Data and Collection:

I am planning on using scholarly articles to answer my research question about visual communication. Some of the articles I enjoyed from my research last week are “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information: Second Addition,” by Edward R. Tufte, and “Intelligence and Mood in Visual Communication Design,” by German Mauricio Mejia.

Tufte talked a lot about the benefits of using graphics to describe data and Mejia discusses visual intelligence.

Scholarly articles that I found for this week are “Visual Intelligence: Perception, Image, and Manipulation in Visual Communication,” by Ann Marie Barry, “Visual Literacy and Visual Communication for Global Education,” by three authors, Drs. Teun Velders, Dr. Sjoerd de Vries and Loreta Vaicaityte and “Image ethics in the Digital Age,” by Larry Gross, John katz and Jay Ruby.

I liked Barry’s reading because she talked about the manipulation in visual communications. I also enjoyed the second and third readings because they both talk about visual communication in a digital age. Also The Image Ethics reading discusses manipulation.

I want to find more sources that are more specific to visual communication in a digital age. I found that a lot of my sources focus most on visual communication in general and are not specific enough about the affect when it becomes digital. I want to find more articles about how the Internet manipulates visual communication and how that affects our lives.


Presentation Details:

I plan to create some sort of visual presentation such as a PowerPoint or Prezi to show my research and findings.

Questions for Feedback:

  1. How can I narrow down my thoughts and ideas to a more specific research question? Or what part of my ideas sounds most interesting that I should focus on?
  1. What are some keywords I could search in Google Scholar to find more articles?

2 thoughts on “Research Proposal

  1. This is a very interesting topic and I feel that there is a lot you can talk about with it. As for narrowing down your research you can focus on trends in today’s most popular websites. For example, the large cover photos on facebook are used only on facebook, it’s a visual style used by many websites. You can talk about the history of visual trends on major websites and how they have evolved. Some key words you can use to find more articles can be trends in visual communication on the web. You can also go into advanced search to find more detailed searches. I also recommend using the Rutgers Library page to find scholarly articles there.


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