Research Proposal

Nicole Forman

Research Question: Are Human Resource Information Systems effective tools for employee management and employee communication?

The goal of my research is to closely examine Human Resource Information Systems and see how effective the software is for productivity and employee communication. In my search to find out information regarding employee communication and productivity with HRIS, I will be doing primary and secondary research. I will use Business Source Premier and Communication & Mass Media Complete as the two primary databases for my secondary research. I have found a few articles already from these two databases that I will be including in my final paper.

I will gather articles that discuss information regarding HRIS and how effective this software is. This part of my secondary research will be mainly for my literature review serving as background information and what past research on this topic has found. In addition to scholarly articles, I will be using SHRM, Society of Human Resource Management, as part of my secondary research. Blogs and discussion boards will be alternative places that I can find information from HR professionals. My primary research will include informational interviews with Human Resource Managers who work with the HRIS software to understand its effectiveness. I plan on conducting at least two interviews. The first is going to be with a relative of mine who had been the VP of Human Resources for JP Morgan Chase. For the second interview, I plan on interviewing someone from Johnson and Johnson in the Human Resource department. If this does not work I will try to find another local company in New Brunswick that has a HR department.

Since this data that I will be collecting is qualitative I will use coding devices to rate each of the responses that I receive from multiple professionals whether it is from a website, article, or personal interview. I will incorporate this data into a graph that will best display the results; this graph will be located in the appendix section of the paper. I will know my research question is answered through the coding of each of the interviews and it will be displayed in the graph. After careful consideration of the many options for the format of the capstone project I decided to stay with the traditional research paper. I feel that this format will best display my work.


  1. Does anyone have any alternative ideas that I can use for collecting data?
  2. Has anyone worked with or know anything about Human Resources Information Systems?

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