Project Proposal

My project is going to focus on the way the Internet has changed the way music is marketed. I’ll be looking into how unsigned artists are using the Internet to their advantage to distribute and promote their music, and I’ll be looking at how record companies have to change their business model when marketing music online. Due to these observations, I’ll also look into how they’re using the Internet to market their music, affects consumers, and look at consumers’ willingness to pay for music, or gain access to it.

Research Question(s):

How has the Internet affected the way unsigned artists and record companies market their music? And how do their ways of marketing affects consumers, and their willingness to purchase or gain access to music?

Data & Collection:

I’m gong to be looking at the website NoiseTrade as a case study. Noisetrade is a site that helps artists and labels market their music in a way that also connects them to their fans. It allows artists and labels feature their music for free, in return the site allows consumers to get free music, discover other artists, and also leave them a tip, if they like the music and want to support the artists further.

Apart from looking at noisetrade as a case study, I’ll also be looking into how people are using subscription services for music, such as Spotify, Google Music, Xbox Music. Because the Internet has made these subscription services skyrocket when it comes to consumers accessing music, and how they want to pay for it (subscription).

As part of the research, I need to know the traditional business model of record companies for marketing, and then look at how the Internet has affected that traditional model. I’ll be looking at scholarly articles when it comes to music marketing on the Internet. I already found an article that looks at the business model change of record companies affected by the Internet.

Presentation Details:

To present the project, I’ll probably be using a prezi to present the data and findings.

Questions for Feedback:

1) Are there any other websites that you can think of that would be a good case study like Noisetrade? A website that also markets music?

2) What other keywords should I search through Google Scholar to help find more articles supporting this idea?


5 thoughts on “Project Proposal

  1. I’m leaning towards doing a similar topic and some keywords that I have found useful are “digital strategy” and “digital marketing”. By using these two it has broadened my search, which is helpful for collecting data at this point in the assignment. Tying these two keywords in with more music related keywords might be a step in the right direction for your project.


  2. I don’t much about websites that market music but I can come up with a website where there are many great songs and people share their favorite songs on the site. Here is the website.
    I think you might search for “marketing” “music” “Internet marketing” “unsigned artist”.


  3. I would consider the portal Digital Music News (“”) as it not only provides great updates of the music industry but also incorporates technology. The site also has a Twitter and Facebook page.

    I would search for “music industry” “technology” “marketing” “record labels.”


  4. I like your idea because I was going the same route but with the beauty and cosmetic world. Looking at it from different aspects, both positive and negative are going to give you a wider range of question you may want to answer in your paper. Some key words that I noticed while searching are “new business internet ethics”, or “new internet marketing”. Just dealing with the fact there is a whole new model needed to market to costumers.


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