Project Proposal

Research question/argument

There are a few components that I wish to look at for my project, but my ultimate goal with this Capstone project is to examine the way that meteorologists can use social media to communicate with the public. This communication works both ways with the public’s interaction being beneficial to the meteorologist as well. Taking off from that I want to be able to compare and contrast the wants from various sectors of the public. What I mean to say is that there are some people, I’ll say the general public, who wish to have the simple weather given to them. Then there are people, usually the more science inclined people, who desire more information, meaning the big words and more in depth explanations. My goal is to examine how meteorologist deal with that issue, as well as how the two sects of the public go about getting the information that I want. While my final argument is still a bit muddy, I feel that I have narrowed it down throughout the weeks to something that should be feasible. I would still however like to narrow it down a tad more to give me a better overall direction to go with this project. There are so many directions I could go with it, but I am trying to find one that best suits the field that I wish to pursue of broadcast meteorology.

What are your data and how are you collecting it?

Seeing as I am currently a meteorology intern at News 12 New Jersey, my goal is to create a case study about how the 2-3 meteorologists I work with utilize social media and how they interact with the public. I also found a great article about social media as a way to communicate weather observations. This information could be great because while a meteorologist is stuck inside at computers all day, the public can send in pictures and videos from around the state/country to show the current weather conditions outside. Another way to find a pull data would be to actually go on social media myself and find hash tags or groups that relate to the topic of weather and examine how people in these “communities” interact with one another, in both sects of the general public who desires essentially dumbed down versions of information and the more science inclined people who desire more information and explanation. I think that finding data might have its difficulties, because even by doing a case study I need to further figure out exactly how I should be looking at things and what I am actually looking at. Finding data will definitely have to be a progression because it may take a while to find what I desire.

Project presentation details

I honestly haven’t even begun to think about the presentation of my project. I do think that the paper would be the easiest way to go, but I also think being able to create graphics of some kind that can show interactions occurring would be beneficial as well. The details about the presentation are absolutely not final. I need to find a program that would be easily usable but also could pair nicely with the story I’m telling. For now I’ll leave it as a question, until I start getting closer.


What do you think would be the best way to present a project that deals with weather and the public?

Does anyone have an idea of how exactly I should be looking at the meteorologists I am working? Meaning what data do you think I see be looking for?


4 thoughts on “Project Proposal

  1. I definitely think it would be cool if you were to create your own app or something of the sort. You ask in what ways should you present a project on meteorology to the public, and I personally think that creating a social media page such as a twitter for example is extremely common. It is a good and informative option, but common. Creating your own app, showcasing your meteorology abilities, while at the same time incorporating your skill and personality would be awesome. You can for example maybe use social media to promote this app of yours, but I think it would be a really cool idea to actually try and create an app (there are websites that easily tell you how to create an app). You can use your own voice recordings, graphics, and so forth to showcase all of your individual and unique work.


  2. When conducting your case study I think that it is important to note that you are dealing with a very local news outlet, rather than a news outlet that has a larger following/market or a national outlet. This may affect your data in terms of how much social media is used and the personal contact between viewers and the media may be different. A Prezi that perhaps works with a weather map background and visuals may be an interesting way to present your findings


  3. I think the best way to present your research would be to have some sort of visual. I like Prezi because you can zoom in and out of material which is visually pleasing. I think your idea to create graphics is the best idea it will keep your viewer interested and help them understand your research better!


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