Project Proposal (Jenifer Calle)

Research Proposal

Research question: I want to take the opportunity to use this capstone project to focus on something that has always interested me and that is Hispanic representation and influence in the media. I want to focus on how companies market to Hispanic audiences. There is a huge growth in the demographic of Hispanic viewers where marketers are learning that it is important to advertise to Hispanic people, not just by having subtitles but by being creative and creating a narrative around Hispanic values. Therefore, for my research project I will be looking at different TV commercials aimed to Hispanic audiences that aired during important events such as the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 Super Bowl.Since television networks expect a lot of viewers during this time, it will be a great opportunity to see the change in commercial content that is being aired in comparison to commercials before.

Thesis:Advertisers try to reach Hispanic viewers through Hispanic values such as family, language, and culture.

Data & Collection: Analyze and interpret different commercial advertisements and it’s effect in the market; research scholarly articles that discuss my specific research question. I would also look at credible blogs that review and use certain products or brands that are advertised on TV. I would also collect data from social media sites and see the re tweets, favorites, likes, discussions, etc as well as webpages that are aimed to get Hispanic consumers where there might be discussion about certain commercials or brands.

Project presentation details: I will be working on a research paper.

Terms to be defined: hispanic market

Keywords to search: hispanic advertising, hispanic marketing, hispanic commercials, hispanic consumers, hispanic television

Two questions: what are some advertisements that you might have seen that you would want to be researched? what are some other ways of collecting data and should i conduct a survey

Here is an article that really gives an idea of the buying power of Hispanics with evidence of statistics and data US. and also more importantly the actual Hispanic Fact Pack 2014


2 thoughts on “Project Proposal (Jenifer Calle)

  1. Your project topic seems like a really interesting way to incorporate your interests into the minor. What part of your project would be specifically focused on digital communication and digital media? I would work on defining your terms going forward, so as to have concrete definitions for your audience. In addition, “Hispanic values” is a very broad term, and I think that this needs to be narrowed. Your example of family is not specific to one ethnic group, as many groups value family relationships highly.


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