Capstone Proposal

Research argument:

With my project, I want to show an audience (my audience being anyone interested in or looking to better their health and physical appearance) that a healthy diet in combination with working out can alter your physique. My project will argue that particular foods can help burn fat and particular workouts in combination with the right foods can all work together to build muscle and alter your physical appearance. Health and nutrition are vast subjects, for example I could take the angle of foods that can help lower blood pressure, or how greasy foods clog arteries. This is not the path I am choosing to take with my interest in health and nutrition however. My project will specifically target the foods and workouts one can perform to better APPEARANCE. My research will target people looking to get a ‘flatter belly’ or people looking to get ‘toned legs.’ My research will show this audience the foods and workouts that they need to practice in order to build a physically fit body.

My data & how I am collecting it:

I have thus far collected scholarly articles proving that my thesis, how the right foods and exercises can positively alter ones physique, is accurate. My scholarly articles within them include research and statistics proving how greasy and fast foods add to the obesity epidemic in America. Another piece of data that I have collected is another scholarly article that scientifically breaks down protein synthesis and why it is necessary in muscle growth. These articles provide research such as correlations between the growth of the fast food industry and the growth of obesity percentages among Americans, and they also break down how the body works which in turn proves why foods rich in protein are necessary when trying to build ones physical physique.

I will also gather data by conducting my own personal research on a few friends and myself. I have been working out and altering my diet for about two years now and the changes in my body are definitely noticeable. I will keep track of my diet, workouts, and so forth in a journal to present through my project as it develops. I will also use two of my close friends as experimental subjects where I will have them submit to me journals concerning their diets and exercises as well. This data performance will specifically show real results, which will therefore substantiate my thesis. These real-life results will validate for myself that I have answered my research question of how the right foods and exercises in combination with one another can better your physical appearance.

Project presentation details

At the end of my project after collecting all of my data and research, I plan to create an Instagram showcasing tips and facts about healthy eating, working out, and how it can better your physique. On this instagram I can also showcase my personal progress along with my friends progress if they stick to the diet and workout regime. Why instagram? Instagram in my opinion is a top social media site in popularity right now. Instagram is also great because it concentrates on pictures and video, which works great with demonstrating personal progress on ones body, uploading meal prep and healthy foods, workout snippet videos, etc. Instagram also allows people to follow specific pages. This is also beneficial to my project because my target audience (anyone interested in or looking to build their physical appearance) would be able to freely follow my page and receive these pointers and facts extremely easily. Instagram also allows comments and direct messaging, which allows me to answer people if any questions rise and I can also connect with people personally through messages to see their personal thoughts & progress.

Questions for feedback:

  1. Which parts of the body do you think I should concentrate on the most? For example, I would guess a lot of people would be interested in the foods/exercises that can help flatten and tone your stomach. What are some other popular areas on the body that you think a majority of people want to enhance and better?
  2. I am pretty confident that instagram is my best bet in terms of a social media platform where I can showcase real results, workout videos, food pictures, state tips and facts, etc. Do you guys agree or do you think that I should consider using a different social media platform?

5 thoughts on “Capstone Proposal

  1. Your topic is quite eye-catching especially in an age when people pay much more attention on their appearance. I think you should focus on butt, breast muscle and thigh. And you might focus on how to improve appearance for male and female respectively. Here is the article that may be helpful for you.

    I like the instagram too. Maybe you should consider changing other social media platform if you want to change your audience.


  2. As for what platform you should use, I completely agree with your choice of Instagram. I think for these fitness & health focused accounts, Instagram is perfect. You don’t have a character limit like Twitter, you can share both videos and pictures, and it simple to manage.


  3. People who do workout, target belly fat to burn most of the time. I would think that arms (bi’s and tri’s), are another target area. And for women, they tend to work out their glutes, because they want a bigger butt, so they’re all about the squats.


  4. While traditional blogs have been losing out to microblogging platforms such as Instagram, I do still believe that there are still many regular blogs that have remained influential and are still quite relevant. By not having a character limit, these blogs are able to explain and show alot more than a typical Instagram post. I also believe that Pinterest is a great place to check out, because there are many boards and pins related to health and fitness that are quite popular and influential as well.


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