Capstone Project Proposal

Research Question/Argument

The way in which we consume music has drastically changed over the past few years. No longer are we restricted by bulky listening equipment and collections of CD’s or vinyl records that occupy space.  Nowadays, with a simple click of a button you can gain access to an infinite library of music from any genre, category or decade through any mobile device such as your phone, tablet or laptop. With this conveniency and mobility arises complexities that were unheard of in the simple times of record players. There are now millions of services and channels to listen to music through with varying features and options to choose from. The possibilities are endless.

For this project I aim to discover the consumer behavior of college students in regards to using music streaming services; how college students behave, interact with and use music streaming services. My mission is to get to the bottom of what influences college students’ decisions in consuming music. For example, I would ask questions like why do you prefer this music service over others? What features/options do you like or dislike? What motivates you to share certain songs with your friends? What social network do you use to share music? Do you have a free or paid subscription, if you pay, why? What do you value most about your music streaming service?

What are your data and how are you collecting it?

I intend on collecting data through surveys and focus groups distributed to select Rutgers students. Only students who actively use music streaming services will be able to participate in this study. I will also incorporate information from relevant scholarly articles online as well as noteworthy news articles. One of my main sources of data will be compiled from a market research project that I conducted in my previous internship with Warner Music Group last year. The topics, areas and issues that I will need to understand to effectively approach the research are: the features of the different music services, music consumption, social media and the music industry. The main reason why I chose this topic is because I am  interested in the music industry and therefore am up to date on how and where to get the latest music. I am also a user of streaming music services myself and can gauge my own experience with these services in order to format the surveys and focus groups to better adapt to my colleagues.

Project Presentation Details

The data obtained from the surveys and focus groups will be displayed using graphs, charts and infographics. I will most likely compile everything into a PowerPoint slide or Prezi presentation but I would like to create a brief and fun video that highlights the important points of my project. The video would have attention-grabbing graphics and upbeat music to appeal to my target audience of college students. In this way, they will not only be entertained, but most importantly informed. Since I have no experience in making such videos, my back up option would be to find videos that are relevant to my topic through YouTube or Vimeo. I will also search for infographics that might add additional knowledge and insight to my project and add them into my presentation. The two key aspects of my project presentation will be entertaining and knowledgeable. Since my target audience consists of college students, it is essential to captivate their attention by chopping up the data into short bullet points paired with bright and humorous images or videos.


Is my topic too broad? Should I focus on one aspect of consumer behavior and streaming music services such as sharing music on social media?

What websites should I use to gather more research data?



About R.Kim

Hey, my name is Rachel. I'm a student at Rutgers University majoring in Communication and double minoring in Entrepreneurship and DCIM (Digital Communication, Information and Media). I am passionate about music (particularly rap and hip-hop), writing, social media and communicating in the digital age. This blog is for me to document my interests in the music industry.

4 thoughts on “Capstone Project Proposal

  1. I think that you have a good outline for your project but it is rather broad. You could narrow it down by focusing on one particular streaming service, or by researching the way that people have adapted to digital music services (perhaps looking at what these people have done with their old cd or mp3 collections). I am not sure what websites would be useful, but Professor Aram Sinnreich in the JMS department would be a great resource for you. He has done extensive research both on the music industry and copyright in this country and would be able to help you narrow your topic or find a way to move forward.


  2. I feel like I a similar probably too with my topic being too broad. I would consider focusing on one aspect of your interests. It will help you focus more on idea and keep your paper more cohesive.


  3. I think your topics is interesting in that it highlights student consumption of music. A possibility that you could consider is possibly broadening your sample group to perhaps college students instead of just Rutgers students. A cool medium to look at would be if you want to look at it. It’s an online community for people to gather around a virtual dj for people to play their songs and interact with one another. You could go about interviewing people with your research question in the chat.


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