Jennah Quinn: Project Details

I too, am not sure whether this is the definite idea that i would like to stick with, but as it develops I’m becoming more and more interested. My original idea was to create a food blog focusing on maintaining a healthy diet with exercise, really more of creating a new way of life for the audience rather than specifically dieting to lose weight. I’ve explored various food blogs with similar ideas and content where the blogger is trying to educated viewers on what are the healthier choices one can make instead of eating junk food. In my original idea, i was thinking about including fast food reviews and studies, including a post on the infamous documentary, Super Size Me. I was also considering including local restaurant reviews.

1. Research Question: What is it like to become a vegan? I’m interested in this question as several of my friends have chosen this lifestyle of veganism. A vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products. I would like to create this blog and base it around my personal experiences during my journey of potentially becoming a vegan. This blog will be from the perspective of somebody interested in maintaining this lifestyle and altering their very own eating habits. I plan to include substituted recipes that correspond to a vegan lifestyle. From this blog, i hope to learn how people use technology to stand the tradition of becoming vegan. For a hardcore meat eater, are their motivational sites to keep one focused, what kind of help groups or informational websites or communities are there to bond stay connected with other vegans?

2. What is your data and how will you be collecting it?: My data will be taken from academic journals and credible blogs. I also plan to connect with other newcomers to the lifestyle that can relate to some of the positives and negatives i may experience on this journey. This will include the aspect of several testimonials. Nutrition will also be a large portion of my blog. I plan to research the pros and cons to the nutritional aspect of veganism. Is it really a healthier lifestyle? What are some health benefits and disadvantages of becoming a vegan?

3. Presentation Details: I plan to include several videos into my overall presentation. Videos of vegan recipes being made as well as pictures, articles, and health food charts.

This idea is still in the process of developing… stay tuned.


About jnq16

Hi everyone! I'm a senior at Rutgers majoring in journalism with a minor in digital communication in the media. I'm super excited to begin blogging with my classmates for Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media. This will be a great opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas as well as connecting with one another. :)

3 thoughts on “Jennah Quinn: Project Details

  1. I like the angle that you chose for your project. I am also interested in researching food blogs but with an interest in figuring out why they and the sort of” foodie” have become so popular recently. I have always wondered about vegetarian and vegan lifestyles so I am look forward to seeing and reading what you find.


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