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I’m not entirely sure that I want to stick with this topic just yet, but I think I would like to focus on the influence of bloggers in their communities. I like the topic, but I’m not sure if the angle I’m touching at will be successfully portrayed in my work. I am very interested in the concept of bloggers who receive products to review them and almost become their own little PR teams for different brands. I currently belong to a website called Influenster that allows me to write reviews and build my social influence so that they in turn send me free products to then review them on my own social media platforms. From that, I’ve considered really taking it to another level by taking my blog more seriously and utilizing it for this. My angle would be more in the direction of those that actually begin making money off of these sites and gaining popularity as audiences begin to respect and search for their opinions. I think from this, a lot of audience members also begin admiring the lifestyle of these bloggers and thinking that is what is “cool”. From my view, I see a lot of blogs such as this and think of how cool what they are doing is and how they have all of this free time to do DIY projects… is that skirt she just made actually stylish, or is it just that I respect her blog and because she did it, I want to buy a sewing machine. My first question would be how they actually gain such a following. Who is to say that this blogger is even remotely reliable? I suppose I could really focus in on beauty/fashion bloggers and how they accomplish this. I also wonder what makes brands trust these individuals with carrying their name in a positive light. I know through my own personal experience with social media marketing that we want people to say the most positive things about our brand and share their experiences with their friends. However, there are also times that we have to do a lot of work to counteract the negative tweets and posts. That being said, I want to better understand how a brand decides to rely on someone to write an entire blog post about their product with the awareness that they have to give an honest opinion.

Keywords: social network, influence of blogger, h-index

This paper takes a look into how we measure the influence of those on social media. We currently live in a world where what someone posts on Instagram can very much be admired by audiences and raise a brands awareness just because an audience liked the shirt the individual was wearing. We have so much control over the success and failure of brands these days. We can also take a start-up that we saw online and raise it to high levels in society just by promoting them or wearing what they offer around town. We tend to look to others for consultation on whether or not something is “cool” before putting it on, whether it is online or in real life. Social media has allowed us to determine this easily with the influencers all over the internet. This fits pretty seamlessly into my topic because bloggers have this influence on the masses and can come up from nothing online very easily with just a few hashtags.

Keywords: blogger, brand loyalty, cosmetics

This paper touches on both the aspect of beauty bloggers and their influence on their communities and also how advertisers now have the opportunity to really take advantage of this new communication tool. It’s about the how brand loyalty is constructed through this medium and how it can be retained by both those blogging and those searching through these blogs. I know from my perspective, I’m often looking for the next new thing that my friends might not have yet. This looks into how that happens and how it can constantly happen and change over time with bloggers.

Keywords: subjective norms, blog readers, bloggers’ power, online loyalty, online satisfaction

As I addressed in the summary of my topic, this paper considers how blog loyalty is constructed and how users determine which blogs they will follow and trust, and which ones they will not. This then strengthens the power/influence of a blogger greatly and causes them to gain following quickly. Is it their strategy that gets them followers? Or is it that people just like what they have to say about products? Maybe it’s that they seem relatable and down to earth? Needless to say, there are many factors that go into this and this paper studies them closely. Their findings determine that their hypothesis of blog reader satisfaction is pretty closely outlined by their results. Subjective norms tend to lend a hand to the success of a blog and satisfaction from their readers.


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2 thoughts on “Project Topic

  1. You’re project is interesting. It’s definitely something to look at, in terms of people who gain a following online, and then are able to influence their viewers buying habits, or style in that way. I don’t think you mentioned YouTube in terms of “blogging communities” but YouTube has a lot of “beauty guru’s” and “stylistas” who have their channel, and have a massive following and end up getting deals and partnerships with brands. If you want to expand your project, you can look into that. I follow some channels who are beauty guru’s or stylista’s, and they end up getting brand deals, and end up promoting products via their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page.


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