Agenda 2-5

1.  Next week your capstone proposals are due as blog posts by midnight next Tuesday 2/10.  Make sure you post before midnight to give your classmates time to respond on Wednesday.  Do not turn them in on e-college.  Feedback from your classmates is due before class on Thursday.

2.  There are 3 parts of the proposal.  The first is answering the questions below, the research question, your data, and how you plan to present your data in a 600 word blog post.  Use paragraphs and subheadings to make reading easier.

The second part is asking 2 questions at the end of your proposal.  These questions will be for other students to give you feedback on what you have proposed.  These questions can be broad about other examples, maybe about different food blogs, if anyone else has any experience in the field that you are interested in,  a different approach or theories you could apply, you can ask students for examples of social media research that is related, or any feedback on a particular aspect of your proposal.  Use anything you have found in your research, or other examples you have found, even keywords that would be helpful to find better articles.

The third part is answering at least 3 other students, at least one of their questions as a comment to their post.  Make sure you include any links to outside content that you find that could be related to their topic.

Your proposal paragraph should include the work you have done on the Capstone Project to date. There are three major components that you must include in your proposal:

–Research question/argument
What do you want to do, show, learn, or prove with your project? This should relate to the semester guiding theme, and offer an indication of the scope, depth, and breadth of your project. What will your project argue or find out?

–What are your data and how are you collecting it?

What is the information that you can gather to support your thesis or determine the answer (or direction) of your research question? What do you need to know to become an expert on your topic? What are the topics, areas, and issues you will need to understand to effectively approach your research? Where will you collect this data? What books, journals, historical, or academic research would contribute to the project? How will you know whether you’ve answered your research question, and what the answer is? What is your plan for research?
This will also mean, at some point, defining your terms – what do you mean when you say community, or culture, or social media, or fans, or writers, or “people?”  Also use the articles you have already found to give examples of ways to collect data and similar research questions and methods.–Project presentation details
How do you plan to incorporate your data into a project, put it to use, and what do you intend to create at the end? How will you create a visual, multimedia, or interactive presentation that displays your research design, data, and findings? This section, depending on your project, could include your planned creation, your target audience, and how it relates to the overall project.

In addition to the written proposal, you should come to class prepared to speak for approximately five minutes to explain your main components to your classmates. You do not need to have technology or a polished presentation, but you should be well versed in your project and an idea of its direction and any questions you have. Also make sure you have read your comments on your proposal in case you want to get more specific feedback to any of the answers that you will get.


About Jacob Sanchez

PhD student in Library and Information Science at Rutgers University. Visiting Instructor at Trinity University. @jacobsanchez

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