Week 2

Something I am really interested in focusing on for my DCIP capstone project is visual communication in art. As a graphic design student I study a lot of digital software and media so exploring a topic with a creative side will be most motivating for me. More specifically something I am interested in is the display of data using graphics. I am currently learning how to create motion and still graphics for the display of data. I believe that graphics, being a visual communication, make information easier to comprehend and understand. I am also learning about interactive graphics where the viewer can take part in a digital experience. Graphic design has made me understand the importance of visual communication and how it makes the viewers experience of receiving information better.

1.Book: Design Studies Theory and Research In Graphic Design

Article: The Rise of Research in Graphic Design By: Audrey Bennett

 In this article Audrey Bennett talked about the visionary perspectives in graphic design. She starts this section off by quoting Jorge Frascara. Bennett said, “He defines graphic design as an activity that organized visual communication in society and urges designers to re-examine their craft through the lens of social science in order to measure the impact of their work on society, “pg.17. She goes on to talk about how the viewer participation is important in graphic design. I think this article is in the direction of what I want to write my paper on because it discusses the goals of design as a communication tool. Another quote I liked from this article bases on design theory was, “communication is to induce a belief in the audition,” page.17.

2.The Visual Display of Quantitative Information: Second Addition

By: Edward R. Tufte

 In this article Edward R. Tufte goes into detail of graphics used for data. Something he said that I really liked was, “Graphical elegance is often found in simplicity of design and complexity of data,”pg.177. This may not be something useful for my paper but as an artist I agree with him that sometimes simplicity brings out the most beauty. He goes on to talk about the importance of graphics that serve a purpose in society. He says, “The best graphics are about the useful and important, about life and death, about the universe. Beautiful graphics do not traffic with the trivial,” pg. 177. There is a lot more detail about the different types of graphics and the visual solutions in each of them.

3. Intelligence and Mood in Visual Communication Design

By: German Mauricio Mejia

 The most useful part of this article for me was the discussion about how useful visual intelligence is. The author says, “Visual intelligence or abilities refer to the capacity to think, process, and manipulate visual images and information,” pg. 48. He goes on to discuss the four important measures for visual intelligence. They are visualization, special relations, visual memory and spatial scanning. There are longer explanations for each of these but his main point is that using these skills are most useful when receiving information and therefore that is why visual commination is efficient. He goes on to talk about how mood affects the way people take in information. He discusses three different ways that data or information can be designed; a spatial way finding system, a digital online site, and a printed brochure. All different mediums but how the use of graphics can affect the user experience.


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