Week 2: Topics & Research


I am a journalism/media studies major looking to take my writing and media abilities into a Public Relations career. Aside from media and public relations being my professional path, I have over the past year really become interested in health, nutrition, and muscle building. This works out great for me because I intern within the health and beauty department for the public relations firm 5WPR. While interning here I have dealt with many clients ranging from doctors, hair specialists, dermatologists, beauticians, personal trainers and more. I have become more aware of ‘good foods’ versus ‘bad foods’ and how these specific foods affect our health and appearances. I have targeted big-name health media outlets such as the Dr. Oz show, Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, and more to get these clients featured. My internship is a great combination of what I can do professionally mixed with what I am passionate about and interested in.

As for my topic of choice, I will focus on Health and Nutrition. Both health and nutrition are vast subjects, but I am particularly interested in how eating certain things and working out can largely change your physique. So within this topic of health and nutrition specifically, I will take the angel of how particular foods in combination with working out can immensely alter your physical appearance. I will research how particular foods can affect appearance and how specific workouts target different parts of your body therefore also affecting your physique by building muscle.

Research Paper #1: The Relationship between Diet and Acne


The key words of this article are poor diet, acne, and vitamins. The article in summary discusses the many vital vitamins that are thought to be essential for maintaining healthy skin. For example, both vitamin A and vitamin D are said to control metabolism and to have an effect on the elimination of dead skin cells. This connects with my specific topic because you get vitamins from food intake. Fish, milk, eggs, leafy vegetables, and so forth all have high levels of both vitamin A and vitamin D. This article however poses the research questions: is there an actual correlation between these vitamin intakes and bad skin? So are diets and what we eat directly correlated to acne? This article looked back on historic studies of non-Western diets versus Western diets and looked at studies from today’s time on what typical Westerners such as ourselves eat. The article found that we can ‘safely assume’ that particular vitamins should help in the fight against acne, however there is no actual evidence of this. This article provides me with valuable information for my topic, and it also poses an argument against my own which is great for my paper. This gives me the opportunity to use this article as a counter-argument against what I am trying to prove and I can therefore use this as a basis in which to argue against.

Research Paper 2: Fast Food: Oppression through Poor Nutrition


The key words of this article are obesity, fast food, and America. This article discusses how fast food chains are growing within America and it is causing citizens to become obese. Not only is obesity a problem physically, but also more largely this article discusses how it drastically is proven to lower life expectancy. This article poses specific research questions such as: are specific nationalities and cultures more obsessed with fast food? What is a main driving force behind the obesity epidemic within the United States? The article answers these questions by discussing that Latino’s and African Americans are more prone to eating fast foods because their culture is largely centered around food. The article goes on to answer that profit from the fast food business is the main driving factor as to why fast food has grown to be so popular. They used statistical information on obesity, economical information from the fast food businesses, and conducted cultural studies to answer their research questions. This article ties into my topic because more than one-third of America is obese. Obesity affects appearance and overall nutrition because of food intake, particularly too much of fast/fatty foods.

Research paper #3: Exercise, protein metabolism, and muscle growth.


The key words for this article are muscle growth, protein, and exercise. This article discusses how exercise has a large impact on muscle growth, however, exercise alone cannot constitute for a large amount of muscle growth and repair without protein. The article poses the main research question of: what is the process that takes place within the body to intake, break down, and use protein? The article through the scientific method explains that muscle protein metabolism and protein synthesis uses amino acids within the body to help break down and absorb protein. This article ties into my topic because it explains how exercise is important for muscle growth, but it is even more important to make sure that you are getting the correct amount of daily protein intake to help your muscles repair and enhance themselves.


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