Week 2: Jennah Quinn

Blog Idea 

The possible topic that i decided on for my blog over the course of this semester is creating and maintaining a food blog based around how college students can maintain a healthy diet while living on campus with limited food selections in dining halls. This is nothing more or less than a starter idea that i plan to expand on over the course of the next few weeks. My angle for this blog would be of a current college student, living on a college campus, struggling to maintain a healthy diet with exercise. I would like to also tie fitness into this concept because of the many fitness centers that are available to Rutgers students, free of charge. As i expand my ideas about this food blog, i also considered including personal restaurant reviews of possible restaurants that are close by or on the Rutgers campus, this includes fast food and take out restaurants. Of these reviews, I may possibly include reviews of each dining hall and meal center on campus with student testimonies on how they’d rate the overall function of the dining hall and whether they enjoy the food that is offered or whether they wished there were more healthy options. The food trucks that are located all around campus would also be on the list for food reviews. Although we know their nature of serving unhealthy food, they are still a prominent and popular food source on campus.

Article #1: Do Food Blogs Serve as a Source of Nutritionally Balanced Recipes? An Analysis of 6 Popular Food Blogs, by Elizabeth P. Schneider, Emily E. McGovern, Colleen L. Lynch, and Lisa S. Brown, Nutrition Department, Simmons College, Boston, MA.

The key words in this article are food, blog, recipes, and nutrition. The objective of this article and study was, “to determine whether sampled food blogs provide nutritionally balanced recipes.” They achieved this goal by sampling and breaking down the ingredients of many recipes to determine whether they are healthy and form a nutritional combination when combined together. The overall findings of this study concluded that the public should understand that many of these recipes are lacking true nutrition. The authors also suggest that food bloggers request assistance from dietitians to modify their recipes to create a more nutritional menu. This article fits in perfectly with my proposed topic because it had a lot to do about nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet. I think it was important for this study to be conducted to determine whether these blogs are really helpful. On the contrary, i believe that food blogs in general should serve a purpose whether its to educate their audience on nutrition or to simply share fun and easy recipes that their viewers might be interested in. There are tons of already existing and established food blogs that focus on a specific niche in order to be successful. For example, a dessert blog may have nothing to do with nutrition depending on what approach the author is trying to take.

Article #2: Information and Food Blogging as Serious Leisure http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1108/00012531111135664

The purpose of this article is to explore food blogging under hobby-like circumstances. The notion of food blogging can be considered as a serious practice where the blogger sets out to inform and help their audience, or whether the blogger does this for fun. A “fun” food blog may consist of simple fun and easy recipes for one to make. The findings were that these blogs became new information sources of inspiration. The style of the blog is based around the audience’s nature of sharing information. This is the idea that useful information is passed to and from the public within their specific network group. The professional-amateur-public (PAP) system was also introduced to help aid the collective sharing of information.

Article #3: Healthy Habits of Damaging Diets: An Exploratory Study of a Food Blogging Community http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/03670244.2010.491054#.VNF4zWR4qZs

This article particularly focuses on virtual socialization, behaviors, and attitudes that are expressed in a community of food bloggers. We must imagine that specific food blogs have networked themselves together and created a community where they can communicate with one another and bounce ideas and recipes off of each other to generate content that will be helpful to the audience. It also explores the notion of dieting and lifestyle changes and whether dieting is actually beneficial, or healthy to weight loss. Some of the key words used in this article are dietary restraint, online communities, blogs, nutritional health behaviors, and qualitative research.


About jnq16

Hi everyone! I'm a senior at Rutgers majoring in journalism with a minor in digital communication in the media. I'm super excited to begin blogging with my classmates for Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media. This will be a great opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas as well as connecting with one another. :)

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