Research Topic

The research topic that I would like to choose ties in with my major of Information Technology and Informatics. Having been born as an American and middle class, I have always been privileged enough to have significant experience with technology such as computers and mobile devices. As such, a research topic that I am interested in studying further would be how digital mediums effects on the development of adolescents. Throughout my life I have had significant exposure to many digital mediums, which include blogging on Xanga, instant messaging on AIM, gaming on Minecraft, posting on Reddit, as well as exploring darker areas of the web such as 4chan. Having had exposure to such wide array of different platforms for digital communication, a significant amount influence growing up had stemmed from these online interactions. I will explore different venues of digital mediums that these users use and examine the way in which the medium is utilized. I am particularly interested in adolescent digital communication technologies effect their growth as well as their interactions with other people around them, such as with family, friends, and fellow students, as they develop. For this research I will look at how social media allows them to associate with a certain groups of people. In the online hemisphere, there are plethora of web forums with different codes of etiquette when interacting with one another. I would also like to explore areas of interaction such as in video games to examine interactions with other players and how much of their behavior offline is carried on to the web. With this I will determine how this in turn may reinforce how they act and communicate in public with others.
Article 1: The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families

Some of the keywords here are privacy, social media, and online harassment. This first article examines the different online portals that available for individuals to visit and interact with others on. They aim to bring light about the impacts of each different environment as well as enlighten parents on some of the potential harm that may come from unfettered internet usage. They want to warn parents to some of the dangers found online such as cyber bullying. I chose this article because it gives a good research material from which I can reference from on impacts of things such as Facebook usage and other such media. One of the methods they used to gather information was polling teens to examine their online behaviors.


Article 2: Social gaming, lonely life? The impact of digital game play on adolescents’ social circles

A keyword for this article would be social interaction and virtual world. I chose this article because it ties in with the exploration into digital worlds and the potential effects of online gaming of adolescence. This research article aims to show that video games may have a negative impact on social interactions of adolescents offline. As adolescents begin to invest more time online they will be effectively stunting their growth, missing critical time that should be spent developing their social skills.. They theorize that by playing online games creates “social displacement” where the gamer becomes more active with his or her online friends versus those existing offline ones. For the method, individuals were questioned about their friendships and online gaming habits.


Article 3: Narcissism, extraversion and adolescents’ self-presentation on Facebook

The keyword for this article would be self presentation. In this research article, the authors hope to take an examination into the patterns of presentation of adolescents on social media such as Facebook. They hope to find an explanation into the narcissistic behaviors of Facebook users of this age. This article is pertinent to my research because it shows how individuals may act differently online versus offline as well as the from one medium to another. The method of testing they had used was by taking a random sample from students in two Singapore schools to examine their habits.



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