Research proposal

I am currently a Communication and Spanish major which has geared my interest to focus on the entertainment industry in the US and how that affects Latinos in the US as well as how Latinos influence today’s media culture. I want to look at 3 specific companies such as Univision, NBC- Telemundo, and Fox News Latino. I will be looking at their digital media platforms and measuring for the impressions and online interaction that is directed towards Latinos. How do they affect the Latino community and connect to the fastest growing demographic in television viewership- US Latinos? Some keywords that will help guide my research include Hispanic television networks, Hispanic markets, Online Latino, Hispanic America, Broadcast Industry and Latino viewership. My research will be angled so that it would be presented to the previous mentioned television networks.

1. Now more than ever there have been minority groups in television breaking barriers. Latino representation is still a new phenomenon in media culture and this article speaks about the demographic that it touches and more importantly the type of identity that it shapes. How do Latinos, specifically Latinas identify in the Latino community of television and media in general?

Rojas, V. (2004). The Gender of Latinidad : Latinas Speak About Hispanic Television.Communication Review, 7(2), 125-153.

2. Univision is one of the top 5 television networks regardless of language. It’s focus on Latino news, culture, and entertainment touches more HIspanics than any other network. How do one of the largest television network companies reach a growing demographic that is currently transitioning to viewers who are bilingual. Univision is mainly in Spanish but recent online programs and changes have been made to cater to the young Latino demographic that grow up being more fluent in English. This article speaks about Univision and the market that it faces for the future of media.

Coffey, A. J., & Sanders, A. K. (2010). Defining A Product Market for Spanish-Language Broadcast Media: Lessons from United States v. Univision Communications, Inc. and Hispanic Broadcasting. Communication Law & Policy, 15(1), 55-89. doi:10.1080/10811680903446232

For more statistical and recent studies done on Univision and other television networks I will be using this article.

Ballvé, M. (2004). THE BATTLE FOR LATINO MEDIA. NACLA Report On The Americas,37(4), 20-25.

3. Lastly I want to research the role of media and how having news and information available online it is shifting the role that Hispanic viewers have. Is it making it more available for older generation viewers and making it appealing to the growing new generation of Latinos? Focusing on one topic might help in analyzing the impact that it has so I will be focusing on immigration politics. This article analyzes the role of media and activism.


Shore, E. (2006). What is the Role of Hispanic Media in Immigrant Activism?. Social Policy,36(3), 8-9.



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