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So I am still on the fence about exactly what direction I want to take this project in. The professor did mention food blogs which sparked my interest a little. It doesn’t necessarily match any of my career aspirations, goals, or any work that I currently do at the moment. I’ve been involved in television production for sports and reality television for the past few months, so this project will allow me to explore another interest of mine. It could possibly spark a flame that could lead me in a different direction.

Nevertheless, I would like to focus on how people use social networks to advance their visibility within the food blogging sphere. I am not an avid follower of any food blogs. I do happen to look at articles on the Yahoo! Food website occasionally and just read the various articles that are posted. I don’t necessarily look for recipes, but I do find that I enjoy reading about how people turn simple ingredients into a meal. It is nice to see and read about people who truly enjoy cooking, professional or not.

Social media has really become the vehicle for promoting our interests, hobbies, etc. and I want to explore food blogging from this aspect. So I won’t just limit research to amateur cooks, but restaurants, food trucks, chefs, anybody who uses social media/internet to promote their platform. I will first start my research by finding food blogs online to get familiar with them and just explore my topic before I try to answer any questions. This project has also inspired me to maybe start my own food blogs, so research will be a great way to figure out where to start and what it takes to do so.


However, I found some great articles so far about the food blogging community. The first is “Changing  tastes  in  food  media:  A  study  of  recipe  sharing  traditions  in  the  food  blogging  community” by Jennifer Lofgren. (Keywords: food, food blog, online community, recipes, cookbook, food media, etc.) Her thesis is an examination on how food has become this phenomenon in the online environment through recipe sharing. Food Blogging has also become sort of a community and through a real-life example she examines this community in action. Food, its meaning, value, and cultural importance is also studied. Through ethnographic tools, Lofgren documents how food blogs have emerged as a means to locate and share information about food through its expanding community reach. This article will put into perspective just how influential and widespread food blogging has become.

The second article I found was “Hybridizing food cultures in computer-mediated environments: Creativity and improvisation in Greek food blogs”

(Keywords: Human-Food Interaction (HFI), Remediation, Hybridisation, Bridcolage, Food-Blogging)

This article analyzes how food blogs influence the evolution of food cultures in a computer mediated environment. The research focuses on three Greek-cuisine focused blogs and seeks to understand methods in which national cuisine can be signified in mediated food cultures. The research found that food blogging has created a hybridization of disciplines, roles, and practices. Through food’s intertwinement with digital technology, bloggers contribute to food cultures substantially and hybridization occurs. This source looks at how cuisines specifically are influenced, as opposed to looking at blogging influence on a general level.

The last source I have is a novel entitled Food and Social Media: You Are What You Tweet

Keywords: Food, Virtual Community, Blogging, Social Media, Web

The book examines how social media and the Web has eased and impacted food blogging and blogging landscape in general. The pluses, minuses and setbacks the Web presents in the food world. Through conversations that have taken place on Twitter, Facebook, etc. the book inquires how to “behave” online in the Information Age, respond to virtual conflicts, navigate the social media landscape, and examines how digital technology affects existing media.


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