Topic Selection and Research Readings

Topic Selection:

As a Communication Major who has decided to shift gears in a career path towards Human Resources, I want to focus my research paper on an organizational framework that deals with HR and technology. Last semester I had taken a class in the Communication Department that had me focus on a career path that I might potentially be interested in. We had multiple research papers all focused on our career selection; each paper backpacking on the previous paper. At the end of the semester I left the class with a new outlook on what my future career would look like. As my capstone project I want to continue this research that I had been doing last semester with a focus on technology in order to relate it to the Digital Communication Information Media minor.

My topic for the capstone project is to look at how technology is transforming the role of human resources in organizations around the world. In this I want to understand how technology can affect the human resources department, whether it is good or bad. How does this affect employee communication with the human resource department and vice-versa? If the communication between HR and employee is affected, does it make the employee less or more motivated? Where is an employee’s privacy stand with the transformation of technology in HR? Lastly, will technology replace the function of human resources? I am still researching more on this topic and may change some of my potential research questions regarding this topic. I feel that this project can help me understand more about my interests in human resources.

Research #1: The Impact of Information Technology on the HR Function Transformation

Keywords: Human Resources and Technology


This article examines what the role of HRIT in the transformation of the HR function. This research questions examines what the HR function is, what it has been changed to, what is expected from this, and what are the finding in other current research on this topic. This article examines these research questions by using other journals, articles, and theories as the methods of understanding the transformation of HR. The findings of this article conclude that HRIT does have a substantial impact on the organization and is essential for strategic HR. The article does fit the topic, however, it uses more of a theory focus on organizational management to provide findings. I would like to find more research on these theories in order to understand them better.

Research #2: Transforming HR Through Technology

Keywords: Human Resources and Technology


This report focuses on HRIS (human resource information systems), which are the hardware, software, and business processes used to implement an e-HR approach. This report explores current research including the following: Implementation of strategies for e-HR; the use of HR technology; the effectiveness of e-HR; issues influencing the strategic use of e-HR; and avoiding common pitfalls in technology based HR delivery model. Methods of tis report were retrieved from pre-existing research done by others, this source was more of a report than a research article. However, it provided necessary background information that I can use to base my research questions from. The findings of this report concluded that e-HR can be more efficient in managing employees. This is more productive and profitable.

Research #3: Barriers to the Implementation of Human Resource Information Systems

Keywords: HRIS and Employee privacy


The research questions for this study look at how HRIS motivates HR professionals, what are the issues with this and how can they be solved. Primary and secondary methods were both done for this research. A questionnaire was sent out to HR executives engaged in selected companies operating in Bangladesh. Secondary methods used were from gathering information of other journals and articles. The findings of this study were that there are benefits of using HRIS, however HRIS should only be implemented for certain areas not all. I think that this study will aid my research for my project.


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