I’m very interested in the way that social media shapes consumers and how brands, both companies and individuals, can be carefully and strategically structured to create a certain image. I also really like to study the effects this has on individuals that don’t necessarily realize that there are these effects at all. It’s a lot of mind games if you really think about it. There are plenty of examples online that can range all the way from Miley Cyrus’s Instagram account to Oreo’s Twitter account. This also goes down to my very own social media accounts. Sure, I’m not famous, but if I am one day, what will I want people to be able to find about me later on? I’m definitely not posting pictures of parties I’m at. Instead, I post pictures from before those parties so that I don’t look like I was a mess back in my college days – unless of course I somehow become said Miley Cyrus and make my name off of that side of my life. But that seems unlikely so I would rather be able to present my personal brand it a better way.

When it comes to corporate brands, it’s really interesting to find each company’s voice and determine how they can best serve consumers with both their product and what they have to say. I’ve done work for doctors that have a professional voice, restaurants that have a more family-oriented and casual voice, and products for teenage girls that have a fun “cool” voice. Once getting them and seeing what works for that brand, it’s exciting to see the progress from there.

It’s hard to completely pinpoint where I “want to work” because my ultimate goal is to be a reporter for a news station. However, with this minor, I’ve been doing a lot of social media marketing internships that have really interested me in this and I’ve made it a plan that I will continue at these jobs while freelance writing and waiting for that big break. But right now, I work for a company called Bisqit. It’s a startup and it’s a new social network that sort of combines the features of many of the platforms we currently know and love and makes it entirely about food. I’m their launch assistant so I’m creating their social strategies and planning events that will spread the word about their site. If you’re someone that really likes either cooking food and sharing recipes or just going to restaurants and taking pictures of your food that your friends totally don’t want to see on your Instagram, download Bisqit.

I have absolutely no idea what kind of capstone project I want to work on because I have a lot of different plans and ideas that I want to sort of delve into but I’m just not there completely yet and I’m also have trouble even determining how this project comes together. I don’t necessarily have questions about it, but I’m just having trouble synthesizing the process with my ideas. But I am excited for this course and the opportunity to be narrowing in on one topic for the whole semester.



About meganwaelz

My name's Megan. I'm recent graduate of Rutgers University. There isn't much rhyme or reason to what I'll be writing. So just join the ride.

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