Intro – About Me

Hey my name is Rachel and I am a senior majoring in Communication with a minor in DCIM. I am interested in various things such as photography, traveling, automobiles and music. I have always been fascinated with cars and how their inner mechanics run, their aesthetic design or the latest innovations. Last semester I was able to combine my interests in photography and traveling by studying abroad in Italy for four months. Music has always been an integral aspect of every facet in my life; particularly 90’s hip-hop and R&B but I also enjoy listening to other genres like EDM and alternative rock.

In the very near future I hope to work in the music industry in the field of digital marketing and social media.  My first internship was for two radio stations in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area as a Promotions and Marketing intern. Last year I was a Market Research and Analysis intern for Warner Music Group. This semester I am a Sale/Agent intern for an entertainment management company called World War Trading Co. It has been a rewarding experience exploring the different branches within the music industry and I will continue to explore until I find a branch that I enjoy the most. It would be ideal to find a job that would incorporate all/majority of my interests. My dream job would have to be an occupation in the music industry that required traveling around the world.

In regards to the capstone project, I am still unsure of what I want my project to be focused on. However, it is safe to assume that it will have something to do with the music industry.




About R.Kim

Hey, my name is Rachel. I'm a student at Rutgers University majoring in Communication and double minoring in Entrepreneurship and DCIM (Digital Communication, Information and Media). I am passionate about music (particularly rap and hip-hop), writing, social media and communicating in the digital age. This blog is for me to document my interests in the music industry.

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