Agenda 1-29

Blogs due Tuesday by midnight

Today we met in groups to brainstorm your topics and possible angles on your research for this class.

In this blog post of 600 words, tell us what you decided on as a possible topic and any ideas you have for a research question or research project to create within that topic.  For example if you picked food blogs, what about them, what is your angle, what is the phenomena that you want to study.

The second part of the post is to submit summaries of 3 research papers that you find on your topic from google scholar.

For each paper you find online you will submit the following in a paragraph for each article: the keywords of the article, what the research questions are, the methods they used, what the findings were, and most importantly how this article fits into your topic, interest, or future job research project for the end of semester.   Also include the link to the article.

Also make sure and post on e-college your wordpress user name and the link to your social media site, your wordpress or google site etc.


About Jacob Sanchez

PhD student in Library and Information Science at Rutgers University. Visiting Instructor at Trinity University. @jacobsanchez

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