About Me: Jennah Quinn

What are you most interested in?  What are some online digital examples of what you are interested in?  Where do you want to work and what types of internships do you have/want?  What type of capstone project do you already know you want to work on?  Any questions already about this class?

Hi everyone my name is Jennah Quinn, I’m a senior here at Rutgers majoring in journalism and media studies with a minor in digital communication and information in the media. I have a passion for sports journalism whether it’s online or in print as well as sports broadcasting and production. During my junior year at Rutgers, i got involved with RVision and became a student intern where i assisted with live productions of Rutgers athletics. I participated in filming men’s and women’s soccer games, football pressers, and men’s and women’s basketball games. This really peaked my interest in sports production, and more generally the wide spectrum of production. The following summer, summer 2014 I interned at Grey New York, a global advertising company in New York City, in the production department. During my time at Grey, i observed several in-person and online productions including big name companies like Papa John’s and Gillette.

Fall 2014, i had the opportunity to intern at CBS Sports Network in the remote production department. Some of my daily tasks included logging video into their archive system, filling out music cue sheets, and submitting school and team player front end graphic requests. My favorite moments at CBS Sports Network were sitting in on the in-studio recorded show, We Need To Talk, the first sports show in history with an all women cast. And also going to the Army vs. Uconn college football game at Yankee Stadium where i was invited to observe the broadcast from behind the scenes in the broadcast truck. This semester, I am interning at Complex Magazine in the sports editorial department. My first day was this past Monday, so the experience is still pretty fresh. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on some of my daily tasks. After graduation in May, I want to venture into the world of broadcasting and production whether it’s in sports broadcasting or news, possibly even advertising.

For my capstone project, i’m leaning towards basing my blog around food and fitness. Not too sure where i want to go with it yet, but i definitely think i can shape and mold this idea into something great.


About jnq16

Hi everyone! I'm a senior at Rutgers majoring in journalism with a minor in digital communication in the media. I'm super excited to begin blogging with my classmates for Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media. This will be a great opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas as well as connecting with one another. :)

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