Nyasa Jackson: About Me


Hey! Nice to meet everyone! I’m looking forward to a great semester. Nevertheless, I chose to be a Journalism major here at Rutgers because my interests lie within the media production field. At first, it was just Communication (which is really broad), but I narrowed it down to more media driven interests. Initially, I wanted to do radio. So my first semester here I decided to intern at WRSU-FM. At the end of the semester, they gave everyone the option to move along towards having their own show. I wasn’t ready for such a big responsibility, so I decided to move away from radio.

I didn’t actually declare my major until junior year. Before then, I was still struggling to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I had completely two internships by that time. One before my first semester at Rutgers and the next during the summer after freshman year. They weren’t necessarily relevant internships, however. The first was at Dun & Bradstreet, an information systems company headquartered in Short Hills, NJ. I interned in the Marketing Department and my task was the examine Dun & Bradstreet’s Social Media Presence, compare it to their competitors, and propose methods to improve it. The second was at MetLife in New York City in the Client Relations and Operations Department. They were responsible for managing relationships with the clients and I served as support figure.

It wasn’t until last semester that I completed an internship that was relevant to my career interest. It was at Jane Street Entertainment, a New York City-based production company. They produced some of the top-rated programs on Food Network such as Chopped, Food Network Star, Rachael vs. Guy Kids Cook-Off, and other lifestyle programming. At Jane Street, I was able to witness and assist with the filming of a pilot for a new reality TV show. From the outside looking in, you wonder how these shows are made and question whether it is “reality” or not. I won’t give much away but I can say that reality television isn’t as realistic as we assume it to be. The purpose is to entertain, after all.

I am currently interning with RVision, responsible for filming our Division I Sport games that stream on the Rutgers Athletics Website. I’m gaining experience with Camera Ops, Editing, etc. So before I graduate, I’ll have some pretty decent experience. Ideally, I would like to work within music, say at like Fuse or even within lifestyle programming at Food Network or Cooking Channel.

As far as the project goes, I really haven’t thought about what I would like to focus on. I think as I spend more time in class, what is possible and expected for this project will become clearer and I‘ll be able to determine what I would like to do.





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