Hi guys, I’m Luis Acosta, a graduating senior at Rutgers University. I am a JMS( Journalism & Media studies) major with a minor in DCIM. One of my biggest passions is sports, and my goal after graduation is to be able to work in this field. I’ve been able to collaborate in a few blogs during last years FIFA World Cup and once in a while I write my own opinions in my personal sports blog for my readers (not many) to enjoy. I am particularly interested in soccer, it’s a sport I’ve played for many years and one that I grew up in. My father and uncle both played professional soccer in Brazil so you can say it’s something that runs in the family. I played varsity four years in High School and won a state championship during my senior year. I also played 2 years of college soccer before transferring over to Rutgers.

Some online digital examples of my interest are the numerous sports blogs that are out there for fans to enjoy. These blogs are updated on a daily basis with videos, interviews, highlights, pictures, etc. They each contribute to the growth of the sport and are able to unite fans from all over the world under one web portal. There are also hundreds of facebook fan pages and twitter accounts from many soccer teams across the world for fans to enjoy.

After graduation, my goal is to write for a newspaper company, either online or print. And of course there are always the big “guys” like ESPN or Fox Sports which would be a dream to work for. This past semester I had a marketing internship where I was able to work side by side other students to devise a marketing strategic plan for a company. I worked in the Competitive Analysis department where I had to do a ton of research and comparison. I also had a experience in the social media department where I worked along other members to create different social media accounts in an effort to get the companies name out there.

I would like my capstone project to revolve around sports, particularly soccer. I want to focus on the growth this sport had attained in the U.S. I feel like 15-20 years ago, the sport wasn’t really known to many in this country but over time that changed. The sport has grown and has consolidated itself in the top 5 without a doubt. A great example of this is how world class players like David Beckham, Thierry Henry and most recently David Villa have rejected multi-millionaire offers from important clubs in Europe just to come to the U.S and play soccer here. I feel this a milestone for American soccer and it a few years, I’m sure the sport will compete with other important leagues around the world. Overall, this is a very interesting topic for me and it is something I would enjoy working on for my capstone project.

No questions for now, just looking forward to getting started and hopeful that this semester will be a success.

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