I am interested in a lot of different aspects of the digital field.  From digital strategy to hardware, a lot of technology related products and services catch my attention.  Aside from the digital field, I am interested in sports (mainly baseball and football) as well as music.  Some “online digital” examples of what I am interested in include, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more. In addition to this, the business side of of technology also really interests me.  Things like writing up business plans, creating a minimum viable product, managing a project and more is what I would really like to get into. In addition to the business side of things, another thing that interests me is design.  I’ve worked with wireframes a lot in the past and for some reason I always seem to gravitate towards it.  I find this particularly strange because I am terrible at drawing but I like doing design plans for things like applications and websites.

In the past I have held a few positions/internships in the digital world, mainly geared towards marketing. From things like Facebook ads to making sure our client’s pagerank on Google has been optimized, I have done a lot in the digital marketing field.  I kind of want to get away from this in the future.  While I think it certainly important to know about digital marketing, there is a whole lot more in the “business-technology” field I would like to get into.  I am hoping to eventually get into more of a business development and project management role focusing on planning and execution of whatever the task at hand is.  Hopefully as time goes on I can find a position in this field and continue to learn more about that rather than digital marketing.  I have had some experience in the past, but its mostly been in the classroom and I hope to gain some real world experience.

As for what kind of project that I want to work on for our capstone class, I am interested in doing something that ties together the digital space and brands.  One thing that I have always found interesting is how certain brands or people can harness the digital space to their advantage.  Many musicians, athletes and even restaurants have used the digital space to better connect with their potential customers while also establishing brand loyalty.  Although I think that this topic might be something that is too specific, I might “zoom out” and focus on the digital strategy efforts of some specific people or brands. (I guess I’ll narrow it down when we learn some more about what the project as well as the website entail.)  I would however like to find a project topic that I can add to my current portfolio as I am currently searching for a full time job for after graduation.  Any work that I can currently do to help my search would be great, so I will take that into consideration when finally picking a topic as well.


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