What are you most interested in?  What are some online digital examples of what you are interested in?  Where do you want to work and what types of internships do you have/want?  What type of capstone project do you already know you want to work on?  Any questions already about this class?

My name is Nicole Forman and I am a senior at Rutgers University. My interests/hobbies revolve around anything that allows me to be creative. I enjoy browsing on Pinterest, in order to get my ideas for future projects. This can be anything from simple crafts to re-decorating my room or closets. In addition to this I love experimenting with Photoshop and Publisher. I have fun designing posters, business cards, flyers, and more.

I am majoring in Communication and I am interested in working in the field of Human Resources. Through my Communication courses, specifically in Organizational Communication, I realized I wanted to shift from PR to HR. My goal is to work for Johnson and Johnson, specifically in their Human Resource Department. I have looked in to Johnson and Johnson’s Co-ops and leadership programs that they offer to students. I am going to apply for the HR Leadership Development Program that they offer to students.

In the future I would like to return back to school and get my Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. However, I want to first get field experience before I begin my graduate education.

As for my Capstone Project, I am not entirely sure what I want to do it on yet. I know that whatever I do end up choosing I want to be able to apply it to the field I want to be in.


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