Intro: About Me

Hello! I’m Angelica Sarne. I’m a senior at Rutgers University, and plan to graduate this Spring, in May. I am a Communication major, with DCIM as a minor. I am interested in working with social media, in terms of developing, maintaining, or expanding an online presence, whether it be a company, brand, or a certain individual. These interest was brought on basely from the idea of YouTube. In the past few years or so, I’ve been interested in the whole idea of YouTube and how it works. You see all these groups and individuals who create their own channel and create their own content, then they gain their own following and expand their online presence, whether it be collaborating with companies, brands, or just expanding their social network. That’s something i’m interested in doing, in terms of managing or building awareness / online presence. That doesn’t mean I’m starting up my own YouTube channel, but more like getting others’ presence known throughout social networks, in order to grow their following or audience. This also ties with my interests within advertising, and having to build, maintain, and expand a brand.

As of the moment, I am currently looking at internships that serve to manage a company’s social media accounts, who wish to have an interactive following, and also increase their audience. It would also be pretty cool with working with expanding an artist / band online presence. With my personal Twitter account, I’m always sharing new music that I discovered, and I always see new followers who are artists or bands who want you to listen to their music. They’re just trying to spread their music and make themselves known. That’s something I’d also like to work with, in terms of growing awareness online. There’s just so many career paths you can take with a Communication major, just because it seems to seep into other areas of interests. I’m still trying to figure out what I specifically want to work in. But I plan on trying a few things out having to do with my interests and what I would like to do and which specified field of communication I’d like to work in.

And as for the capstone project, I would like to create an interactive website. That project aligns with my interests having to do with awareness of brands and audience building. I don’t have a fully formed idea of what I’d like the website to be about, maybe something having to do with music artists.


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