1/27 about me video &introduction (1/27 10:00pm)

Hello everyone, my name is Zheng Li. I am a transfer student from South China University of Technology and I am currently in a two plus two program which means that I should study in China for two years and spend the last two years in Rutgers to get degree from both schools.   My major is planning and public policy and my minor is DCIM. I am a senior now and I hope that I can graduate this May. You may wonder the reason why my major and minor seem to be so different. Actually, I have to choose this major in order to join the two plus two program but what I am really interested in is communication and media. Therefore, I pick up DCIM as my minor.

Communication is a broad area and I know some of the classmates are crazy about high-tech and writing programs. But what I want to learn more about communication is how to take advantage of these high-techs and new programs to help people better convey the information and communicate with each other. In today’s digital era, it is very important to learn the techniques to get people informed. It reminds me of the significance of techno-dexterity, a term I learned in Leadership in Digital Context last semester. Techno-dexterity not only requires people to catch up with the newest information about high-tech but also requires us to know what type of technology is most appropriate in a specific circumstance. In general, I am interested in how to better use technology and media to help people better communicate and convey information. The best online examples of what I am interested in are social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. The power of these social networking websites cannot be overvalued. They have become perfect platforms for people to convey information because almost all people, especially students, rely on these social websites to get information. Therefore, it is very critical to make sure that information flowed on these sites are reliable and transparent. Moreover, I also find it interesting to compare the differences of information on American social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) with those on Chinese social media (such as Weibo and Renren). The differences of information being allowed to flow on the social websites reveal the differences of regulations, policies and even political systems between America and China. This aspect interests me because it connects what I have learned from my major—planning and public policy with my minor—DCIM.

I want to work in a public relation agency and I want to focus on how to use communication technology, especially social media, to help specific clients to promote their companies and brands. I am interested in the structure and distribution of information. I hope to learn how to communicate in a more efficient and effective way.

As for the capstone project, I still do not know exactly what I want to do. This class is the last class I have to take to finish the minor. I think Capstone in DCIM might be the most challenging classes that I will have in DCIM. I still have so many questions about this class—it seems that we are going to learn more deeply about DCIM in a more innovative way. I am looking forward to what we will do for this class in the future.


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