Self Intro

Hello my name is Henry, I am a IT major and DCIM minor, I am current in my Senior year and hope to graduate this spring semester. I am particularly interested in writing programs and website scripting languages. I have had some experience with such computer languages as Java and Python as well as scripting languages as HTML and CSS. Some digital examples that can be seen are web pages similar to those of Yelp and Amazon websites. They have elegant design which I hope to be able to achieve some day. During my free time I like to spend time learning and practicing new languages that I will possibly use in the future. I hope to work for a small start up tech company in silicon valley or perhaps a tech company designing websites or writing programs. I have a lot of interest in topics that revolve around technology and innovations in the field of technology in general. I am often keeping up with current events in the tech sector, following trends, innovations, and new product releases. These subjects are what peak my interest the most. I dream to someday work for a big company such as Google, participating in their innovative projects such as self driving cars and Google glasses.

So far I have worked at the City College of New York as an IT intern. I have had experience with fixing and maintaining computers around the campus as well as helping individuals with their personal machines. Some of the things that I have done include removing malware and spyware and reformatting computer hard drives. I have picked up a lot of knowledge on computers and computer systems which has given rise to my interest in computer and computer hardware. With my experience at this internship I have picked up, I had started to spend a lot of time on my own completing projects at home. Some of these projects include setting up media and back up server. I have also done projects as setting up a print server, setting up VOIP for phone service, and installing custom firmware for routers.

I hope to keep building upon that once I have acquired from my job and interests and to be able to use this knowledge toward find a job in my field of interest. I am unsure of what kind of project to do, and would perhaps be interested something that is related to creating an end product that involves a part in making or designing a website/program possibly. A question that I have is what kind of project will we partaking in and what the underlying topic it will be focused on in this class. I also would like to know how we would be applying these topics to projects and assignments as we go forward. I am looking forward to spending the semester in this class and expanding my skill set and experiences so that I may apply them when I graduate and find a job.


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