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What are you most interested in?  What are some online digital examples of what you are interested in?  Where do you want to work and what types of internships do you have/want?  What type of capstone project do you already know you want to work on?  Any questions already about this class?

I am very interested in technology and the ways we are able to integrate it into our personal and professional lives. From social media to enterprise data bases, we are on a technology track that has never been seen before in history. Specifically within technology, I am interested in Big Data Analytics, which is comprised of gathering large amounts of raw data, and being able to turn it into valuable information. Examples of what I find interesting when related to the digital realm, are how information is constantly gathered through the internet which then produces valuable results or answers. For example, would putting a certain heading on a news article get more clicks then a heading that is worded differently? I am also interested in figuring out what tools and coding languages one can use to be able to decipher all the information gathered by the computers. My past internship, which was at KPMG as a technology intern, didn’t focus too much on Big Data. Rather it focused more on how to keep track of, and manage hardware and software information within the company. Although I had a great learning experience, I wanted to go down a slightly different career path. Over the fall semester of my senior year, I came to the realization that I wanted to go into advisory/consulting. When I got the offer from Accenture, I knew that it was the right choice for me, because it will consist of consulting within the digital and technical sphere. Although it is not set in stone yet, I want to focus my capstone project on Big Data and how it affects our lives. I want to be able to focus on both the negatives of it and the positives. I mostly would want to discuss how major companies go through so many lengths to collect information about their audiences. I want to be able to forecast where I believe we will be going in the next couple of years with the use of Big Data. Will we have advantages or more disadvantages? Overall, this class seems very interesting, in that it allows us to be able to explore our own interests and be able to work on a project from there. I don’t have too many questions about this class, but as the semester goes on, I may come up with a few. Below is the about me video link that I created which was a part of this assignment.

 About Me Video


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