About Me

Hi my name is Allison Scalera and I am a 4th year student at Rutgers but will be graduating in 2016. I am a graphic design major at Mason Gross School of the Arts and I am minoring in DCIM and art history. One of my main interests outside of school is dance. I am involved in the Rutgers Performing Dance Company, which is the largest student run club at Rutgers. I spend a few hours about 3 or 4 days a week working on dances to perform in a showcase, which happens twice a year. The dance company also has a competition team that travels to other colleges to compete against other club dance teams. Some of the styles of dance I do are contemporary, modern, jazz and hiphop. During my free time I enjoy drawing, painting, making jewelry and other crafty things. One of my goals for this year is to create an account on Etsy so I can sell some of my art online. I think Etsy is a great community for buying and selling art or hand made crafts.

Being a graphic design major one of my digital interests is web design. I also love looking at art blogs or other creative sights such as Pinterest or Instagram. I think the Internet provides endless inspiration for artists and I myself have stumbled upon inspiring art. In my current class we are learning how to make blogs from scratch using HTML and CSS. I am looking forward to designing my own blog where I will post my art and other interests. In the future I hope to find a job as a graphic designer working in print design or web design. However, I have not decided yet if I prefer designing online, for blogs or websites, or designing for print, such as books and packaging. The two places I would like to find work in are either New York City or Philadelphia. I have not had any internship experience yet but hope to find an opportunity for this upcoming 2015 summer. For this capstone class I really have no idea yet what I want to work on as my final project. I’m particularly interested in blogging and specifically the sharing of art and ideas on the Internet so maybe I can find an artistic topic to work on. I think the sharing of information and ideas on the web are very inspiring and exciting.

About Me


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